Bill Hall holds an MA in Art & Design Education and has led two successful Art & Design Departments; one in a Comprehensive School which became a Specialist Visual Arts College, and the second in a leading Independent School for Girls.  In addition, he was External Examiner for the Art & Design PGCE course at Liverpool John Moores University for several years as well as sitting on the National Council of the 'National Society for Education in Art & Design', and the Editorial Board of the' International Journal of Art & Design Education' (iJADE).

Marilyn Kyle, led a large, and successful, Faculty of Art & Design for several years. This followed her role as Head of Art and, previously, teacher of Art in one of the top performing schools in the UK. She holds an MA in Fine Art (specialising in Print), from Wimbledon School of Art, University of the Arts, London, as well as MEd in Art Education from University of Exeter. As an extension of her role, she also trained as an ‘ISI’ schools inspector, working as a member of a number of independent schools inspection teams, and has also carried out consultancy work in several schools around the UK.

They have both undertaken consultancy work with institutions, particularly in working with schools to develop their art & design departments.  More details, references and testimonials  can be provided on request

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